Emergency Rekeying: What You Need to Know

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Emergency Rekeying: What You Need to Know

1 February 2024
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Home and business security is important, and one way to ensure your security measures are effective is by rekeying your locks periodically. Changing the locks on your doors or windows will prevent unauthorized entry, but sometimes, you might need to rekey your locks immediately due to certain circumstances like a lost key, break-in, or eviction notice. That's where emergency rekeying comes in. In this informative blog post, we'll look at what emergency rekeying is, how it works, and why it's beneficial to you. Read on to learn more.

What is emergency rekeying?

Emergency rekeying is the process of quickly changing the pins inside a lock that make up the combination to the key. This means that when a lock is emergency rekeyed, all old keys will no longer work in the lock, and only new keys that match the new combination will be functional.

How does emergency rekeying work?

A locksmith will remove the lock cylinder and replace the pins inside the lock cylinder with new ones that fit the new key configuration. The locksmith will then cut new keys that fit the new key configuration. The entire process should take around 30 minutes at most for a single lock, assuming there are no additional complications.

When should you consider emergency rekeying?

If you lose your keys, or if your keys are stolen, then you should consider emergency rekeying. Lost or stolen keys can pose a security threat to your home or business, and emergency rekeying is a fast and effective way to protect your property. If you've experienced a break-in or if you've evicted a tenant, then you may also want to consider emergency rekeying to prevent unauthorized access.

Why is emergency rekeying beneficial?

Emergency rekeying ensures that your locks are secure after experiencing a security risk, offering you peace of mind. It's also a much cheaper alternative to replacing the entire lock, as you only need to change the pins and not the entire lockset. 

In summary, emergency rekeying is an important step to take when you've lost or had your keys stolen or when you've experienced a security breach. It's a fast and affordable way to increase your home or business security and prevent unauthorized access. It's important to choose a reputable and skilled locksmith to carry out the emergency rekeying service. If you need emergency rekeying, contact your trusted and reliable locksmith to schedule your service.