2 Questions You May Have About Having A Locksmith Replace Your Lost Car Keys

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2 Questions You May Have About Having A Locksmith Replace Your Lost Car Keys

13 March 2023
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After searching everywhere for your car keys, you may have not been able to find them. Because you do not have a backup set and cannot access or drive your car, you may be thinking you have to have the locks and ignition in your vehicle changed so you can get new keys. 

However, you do not have to go to the extra expense and hassle since a locksmith can help you out. Below are a couple of questions you may have about how a locksmith can make a replacement for your lost car keys.

1. How Does the Locksmith Remake the Key If You Do Not Have the Original?

One question you may have about having a replacement set of keys made for your car has to do with how the locksmith can do it. You may be wondering how they can remake the key if they do not have the original one to use as a template.

Every vehicle has a vehicle identification number (VIN) that provides a lot of information about the car. The locksmith has the knowledge and experience necessary to decipher the numbers and letters of the VIN number to create new keys that will fit both the ignition and the door locks without having to have the physical keys.

2. Can the Locksmith Give You a New Key Fob for Your Car's Keyless Locking System?

Another question you may have about replacing your car keys is applicable if your car has a keyless locking system. Since your key fob was lost along with the keys, you may be wondering whether the locksmith can also make a replacement for the fob.

Using a special machine, the locksmith can access the keyless locking system of your car and generate the codes that they need. Once they have access, the locksmith can use a blank key fob that they will provide and communicate with your car's system to program the fob so that it will work with it.

Even if you lost your keys and do not have a backup key or fob for your car, a locksmith can remake the key based on the vehicle's VIN number. They can also use a special machine to program a blank key fob that matches your car's keyless locking system. For more information, contact a locksmith in your area who offers car key replacement services to set up an appointment.