3 Signs It Is Time To Call In A Commercial Door Repair Service

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3 Signs It Is Time To Call In A Commercial Door Repair Service

23 June 2021
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The last thing any business owner wants is a burglar intruding on their commercial space. A thief might steal costly merchandise or data, which can adversely affect your bottom line. For that reason, you need to keep your doors in good condition as your business's first line of defense. 

An excellent way to do so is by hiring professional commercial door repair services whenever you notice a problem. Read along to find out the signs you should look out for.

1. Door Making Excessive Noise

A noisy door can be annoying, especially when holding discussions and meetings with clients. The noise can even distract your employees, reducing their productivity since they won't fully focus on their work. 

Poor lubrication is one of the reasons your door could be making noises. Very loose or tight hinges can also make doors produce irritating sounds due to the increased friction. 

Fortunately, a seasoned commercial door repair service can help fix the problem. From replacing the hinges to realigning the door, they will do all it takes to stop the annoying sound. 

2. Difficulty When Opening or Closing the Door

Doors are designed to open and close smoothly. Therefore, you need to hire a professional to examine your doors if you have difficulty opening or closing them. Keep in mind that this problem can worsen over time since you will keep applying more force to open and close your door. 

With that said, difficulties when opening or closing a door can result from warping, which is usually caused by excess moisture. Insect damage and misalignment might also be the culprit, not to mention loose hinges that can prevent the door from properly fitting on its frame. Whatever the reason, a commercial door repair service technician can offer a solution.

3. Door Sounds Hollow When Knocked

Does your wooden door tend to sound hollow anytime someone knocks on it? If yes, this is a sign that it might be under attack by wood-consuming insects such as termites. Termites have enzymes that enable them to feed on wood, leaving behind a hollow space. 

The emptiness means that there's nothing to absorb the sound waves produced by the knock, explaining why the door produces the strange sound. The door is also likely to feel lighter due to the loss of mass. Consulting with a commercial door repair service expert will help you know what needs to be done about the situation.

It's easy to tell when you need to contact a trusted commercial door repair service company. Keeping an eye on the above signs is all you need to do. Remember to hire a seasoned repair professional to enjoy quality commercial door repair services.