4 Reasons You Should Install Panic Bars In Your Business

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4 Reasons You Should Install Panic Bars In Your Business

15 March 2019
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When you have a commercial business, of course you're concerned about your merchandise and your customers' experience in your establishment. However, you should also be thinking about their safety and well-being. Properly designed exit devices can make your business safer and more secure. Here are four reasons you should consider installing panic bar exit devices in your business if you don't already have them:

1. They make customers safer.

In the event of a fire or another type of emergency, people in your business are likely to panic. Panicking in a crowd is simply human nature. Unfortunately, that panic means that people may block exits unintentionally by trying to exit all at once. Panic bars cut down on the risk of crush-related deaths in crowds since they require less manual dexterity to open. That means people will be able to use them even in a crisis, when their mental faculties may not be operating at full capacity due to adrenaline.

2. They are more accessible.

Making your business as accessible as possible to people with disabilities is the moral thing to do. It's also important legally. Panic bars are more accessible to people with certain handicaps. People in wheelchairs will have an easier time exiting through a door with a panic bar installed, since it is easier to push a panic bar than to turn a doorknob while operating their mobility device. People with visual impairments will also find panic bars easier to use.

3. They may be required legally.

There are certain regulations that govern public places, such as businesses. These regulations are meant to keep everyone safe, and they may mean that you are legally required to have panic bars installed as exit devices in your place of business. According to Hunker, buildings that hold more than 50 people at a time are required to use a panic bar or push bar exit devices. You may also be required to use this type of exit device if your company stores things that are considered flammable. Make sure you check the guidelines that pertain to the state where you conduct business, since laws may vary by location.

4. They are more aesthetically pleasing.

Most large companies have panic bars installed on the interiors of their doors, which means that members of the public have come to expect them. Installing panic bars in place of door knobs can make your business look more professional, instilling confidence in your customers.


If you're looking to help increase safety in your place of business through panic bar installation services, turn to a security company like DuPage Security Solutions, Inc. today.