Commercial Locking Tips For 24 Hour Spaces

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Commercial Locking Tips For 24 Hour Spaces

3 October 2017
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When you're running a 24 hour commercial space, you'll likely have little control over when people decide to use your space. Just because people will be coming and going frequently doesn't mean that you should neglect security. It can be hard to balance ease of access with security, so check out these tips.

Get a Keypad

A keypad with a code is a great option because it allows ease of entry. People don't have to worry about whether they have their key with them. This can be a great option for spaces like neighborhood gyms and pools. For a more budget friendly options, choose a keypad lock on the doorknob. If you're willing to spend more for ease and style, try a separate electronic keypad that opens the door.

Use an ID System

While keypads are great for ease of entry, they're not necessarily the best for security because codes can easily be shared. If you have valuable equipment, like computers, in a co-working space, you should use an ID system.

People will have to run their ID through a card reader to open the door. Alternatively, you could have a 24 hour security staff they could check IDs for people entering. If you're running a large space, like an apartment building, IDs may not be practical. In this case, magnetic keycards are a good alternative.

Have Video Surveillance

You may think that a locksmith only works on locks, but actually they have a lot of your security needs covered. Your commercial locksmith may be able to help you create a surveillance system.  Just having cameras visible helps to deter crime. If you have been having trouble with vandals or are concerned about expensive equipment, a video surveillance system is a must. Managing an office or apartment building? Adding surveillance is a huge selling point for potential tenants.

Form a Relationship with a Locksmith

If you run a commercial space, it's a good idea to develop relationships with professionals you'll frequently need help from. Long term, consistent relationships secures the best prices and service. Form a relationship with a local commercial locksmith, such as one from Scottsdale Locksmithing. They'll be sure to share lots of great options for locking your 24 hour space. If you or anyone of your tenants ever gets locked out, knowing a locksmith will make life a lot easier.

To keep your space safe, try out some of these options.