Working On A Long-Term Remodel? Install A Keyless Entry System At All Entrances

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Working On A Long-Term Remodel? Install A Keyless Entry System At All Entrances

8 March 2017
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Remodeling your home is something that you can work on for as short as a day or as long as a lifetime. If you recently bought or inherited a property that would be considered a fixer-upper in most eyes, you may be ready to undertake a long-term remodeling project that could span the course of a few months to several years. You can easily get this done without making initial changes by giving keys to everyone. But, you will find a better solution in hiring a locksmith to install a keyless entry system prior to the remodel.

Avoid Having to Replace the Locks in the End

In a typical situation, you would create multiple copies of your house key to give to professionals. This would allow them to enter and exit the home for the times when you are not there to open up the doors. It is essential because you do not want to cause any delays in the remodel because of entry issues.

Adding a keyless entry system that covers the front and back entrance is ideal because it prevents you from having to replace the locks after the remodel is complete. This would usually be the final thing that you do in an attempt to prevent any house keys that may have been lost from leading to security issues. Even if you collect all the keys that you counted out in the beginning, you may not feel comfortable moving your family into the home until you know that access from everyone else is completely restricted.

Create and Delete PINs with Ease

A basic keyless entry system will allow you to make several PINs and give them out to professionals. But, an even better system is one that gives you the ability to create PINs from remote locations. This allows you to create new PINs for when a new professional starts to work on the remodel. It also prevents you from having to show up to create and distribute a PIN, which helps you avoid time obstacles.

When a professional has finished everything they are going to do in the house, you do not have to worry about collecting their key copy that they used to get into the house throughout the remodel. They can just walk out, and you can easily delete the PIN that you gave them from the access list.

A lengthy remodel becomes a lot easier when you start off with a keyless entry system for the home. Contact a local locksmith service for assistance with installing a keyless entry system.