Tips On How To Pick Out A Safe For Your Office

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Tips On How To Pick Out A Safe For Your Office

2 March 2017
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There are a few quick steps that you can take to pick out a good office safe. With lots of options to browse through, it certainly helps to narrow down your options as you look.

Step 1: Make a List of Items

The first step will be to make a list of items that will go in your safe. Then you will measure the length, width, and height of these items. Leave additional room if you plan to add more items later. Note that, when you're looking at the dimensions of safes, you will want to make sure that the internal dimensions are enough to fit your items. The casing on a safe can take up a great deal of the dimensions, so many safe makers list both the internal and external dimensions.

Step 2: Assess Risks

You should also determine why you need a safe. Are you afraid that burglars will steal expensive equipment or that prying eyes will see important business documents? If that's the case, you will focus your search on safes that prevent burglary. The lock itself is an important feature for this type of safe, and so is the strength and thickness of the casing.

Other times, you might be most concerned about fires. This type of safe is best for storing documents. A safe that's designed for fire protection will have flame retardant finish and be made of a thick metal casing.

Step 3: Decide What Kind of Lock You Need

Another factor to think about before you start looking at safe models is what kind of lock will be most convenient to you. Some people prefer a keypad that is easy to unlock. It can encourage you to use the safe more often since it's easy to put your items away correctly. These electronic locks also have a feature that allows them to shut down when the wrong password is entered too many times. But if you're most concerned about fire damage rather than burglary, you may prefer an simple metal locking system that won't fail during a fire.

Step 4: Approach a Locksmith

Your commercial locksmith is the best resource to consult on safe options. There are many factors that will go into picking the right safe from the interior and exterior dimensions to the way it's disguised and the locking mechanism. Your locksmith will help you get all of these factors just right.

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