How To Ensure Your Commercial Door Keeps Your Business Safe

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How To Ensure Your Commercial Door Keeps Your Business Safe

13 February 2017
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Commercial doors are often designed to be heavy duty and made from materials like steel, glass, or aluminum, depending on their use. The locks and door handle used on these doors are also heavier and often require a locksmith to change or repair them. There are many reasons that you may need to change your locks on a commercial property, and finding a locksmith to help you with the work is often the best way to go.

Inspecting Damaged Locks

A commercial lock that is not working properly can be hard to troubleshoot as the mechanisms are often harder to get to and work on. When a lock is used in a commercial setting, the design is intended to be tamper-resistant and may require special tools or knowledge to get into. A locksmith can inspect your lock or mechanism for damage and give you a better idea of how to fix it. In many cases, they may be the only ones to have the tools needed to disassemble and repair the lock.

Replacing a Damaged Lock

A lock that is not working may need to be replaced, and if it is a commercial lock, the locksmith may have it on hand. While you can go to a home center to get a new lock for your home, this is often not the case for a commercial door. In some cases, the design of the door makes a trained locksmith necessary to be able to replace the locks quickly and easily. Sometimes it is not about having special tools as much as it is just knowing how to remove and replace the lock in different door types. A glass and aluminum door like the ones used in retail stores is harder to work on than a standard entry door, but if you know how to get the lock apart, it doesn't take long to replace it.

Changing the Locks

When you move into a new home, you should change the locks on all your entry doors. Why should moving into a new commercial space be different? One of the first things you should do when renting or buying a new commercial property is to have a locksmith come out and replace the locks. This will help insure the security of your business and make sure all the locks are working properly on all the doors that can be used to enter the business. Talking to other business owners about who they recommend and who replaced their locks is a great place to start.