College Dorm Security: 4 Hidden Cameras Ideal for Monitoring Your Valuables

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College Dorm Security: 4 Hidden Cameras Ideal for Monitoring Your Valuables

4 May 2016
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The college life often presents many changes. Along with starting all new classes and attending a different school, you often find yourself living in a dorm room with new friends and roommates. Sometimes it may be hard to trust your new roommates or other people living in the dorm area. Instead of leaving laptops, MP3 players, and tablets vulnerable, you can add some protection with hidden camera installations. The following four types of hidden cameras are ideal for dorm rooms. They provide covert views, can blend into your room, and offer high quality footage of your section. Adding this extra protection can help you feel safe and secure inside your new living space.

Digital Picture Frame Spy Camera

Monitor your room and display fond memories of family and friends back home with a digital picture frame spy camera. The camera device is a working digital frame that can display hundreds of photos through a slideshow animation. The camera lens on these spy cameras is typically located near the bottom of the frame. The camera can be set to continuously record footage or only record footage based on motion movements. One card slot provides the picture loading software, while a hidden card slot can be used to store all of the video data. These frames can also be plugged in to provide continuous power without needing to switch out batteries.

Charging Docks

Keep your cell phone charged and room fully monitored with the use of a charging dock station. A spy camera that offers multiple uses can blend into your room a lot easier. The camera is typically built into the front of the charging dock, so footage can still be recorded even if you're charging your phone. Small devices like this can also work as IP camera. This means that the camera feed can connect to your dorm room Wi-Fi and give you exclusive access to live footage. Some security camera apps also let you view footage like a DVR. You can go back and see when motion detection was activated and what type of videos were recorded.

Bottles & Mugs

Some of the best pieces of spy gear blend in naturally with the surrounding environment. There are a number of bottle and mug spy cameras that can be left laying around your dorm room area and still provide great video footage. Spy camera bottles often use brand names on the labels to help them blend in. The spy camera technology is actually located behind the label of the bottle so that it blends easier. Small MicroSD cards are often used to record footage and makes it easy to retrieve at a later point. Along with bottles, there are a number of travel mugs that feature the camera technology. It's easy to leave a travel mug sitting on your dorm desk and capture footage.


Before purchasing any electronics for your dorm room, consider buying working electronics with spy cameras built into them. Simple electronics like desk clocks allow you to set alarms and see the time while recording footage. More advanced camera systems can be installed in electronics like a Blu-Ray player. Not only can an item like a Blu-Ray player play real discs, but there is a secret menu and remote that gives you access to all of your security footage. Additional dorm room electronics include speaker docks, printers, and computer mice. The key to making these spy cameras work effectively is ensuring that the electronics are also operational. It can help the cameras blend in and eliminate any suspicions about spy camera locations.

Contact a security camera company to browse through different models and select options that are ideal for your dorm room. Once you are settled into the college life, you can decide whether to continue camera use or not. For more information about security cameras, talk to companies like Arapahoe County Security Center Inc.