Four Things You Can Do To Prevent Misplacing The Keys To Your Car And Home

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Not that your tween is ready to spend more time at home alone, it’s probably a good idea to make sure that they have their own key for safe access to the house when nobody else is home. But instead of just handing over a basic copy of the house key, it’s important to take some precautions that will keep your home safe as your child learns the ins-and-outs of safe home management. For example, you can have your locksmith change the lock on just one door of the house that your tween can have the key to for indoor access. If they lose the key, you don’t have to worry about it opening any other doors but the one obscure entrance that was previously chosen. You’ll find many other helpful tips and tricks on this website that are sure to help keep your tween and home safe.

Four Things You Can Do To Prevent Misplacing The Keys To Your Car And Home

25 April 2016
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Losing the keys to your car or home can be a huge frustration, and it can even cost you money or pose a risk to your safety or health in some circumstances. While it is a common occurrence that happens to everyone at some point in their lives, misplacing your keys is not something that must happen. Instead, you can adopt a few simple and inexpensive practices to help keep your keys safeguarded from loss. Below are four tips that will save you from frustration or worse:

Place keys in a consistent spot 

One of the best bits of advice that mothers have ever given to their children is to put their toys in the same spot after they are finished playing. This wisdom applies to keys, too, as having a dedicated spot in your home will help prevent loss. The location doesn't need to be complicated or expensive; a simple hook screwed into a door post may be all that you need. Or, if you wish, you can purchase and install a low-cost key rack with multiple hooks for hanging keys. The most important factor is to make sure your keys are habitually put away in the same location. You can reinforce the habit by checking them immediately before bed to ensure they are in their rightful place and will be ready to use in the morning.

Make your key ring small enough to keep it safe

The use of a key ring can help keep your keys organized, but the size of the key ring is often crucial to whether or not you will keep up with them. Key rings that are too large to place in your pocket may prevent you from keeping your keys in the most logical place as you carry out your day-to-day business away from home. Larger key rings or those full of keys are more likely to be placed on a surface and forgotten. By reducing the size of the key ring and/or removing some of the keys from it, you will make the remaining ones easily pocketed and more secure as a result. As for which keys to remove from the key ring, keep only those that you use on a regular basis. A good rule of thumb is if you look at keys on your ring and have no idea what purpose they serve, then remove them and store them on a separate ring in a drawer or other safe location.

Keep your keys away from kids

Another way to prevent losing your keys is to keep them out of the hands and paws of children and animals. Keys can make a great distraction and help pass the time for a bored child, but they will quickly disappear if you lose track of the keys' whereabouts. If your kids are incredibly fascinated by your keys, and it becomes difficult to keep the two separate, then give your children their own set of keys on a ring. Most people won't have any trouble locating old keys that no longer serve a purpose, and kids love the feeling of being grown up when given their own keys. Just make sure they understand that once they have their own set of keys, your keys are now off-limits for playtime.

Place key fob in ignition slot

Keyless entry and ignition are now common features on many vehicles. While this convenience has helped prevent the need to carry keys around for a car, there is still a necessity to have a key fob that is often quite expensive to replace. These fobs are easy to lose, if you aren't careful, since they merely need to be within the vehicle for ignition and can be removed once the car is started. If you find yourself struggling with keeping tabs on your key fob, then you may find it easier to insert it into your car's fob ignition slot. These "ports" are reserved for use in emergencies if your fob batteries fail, but they also can be used at any other time. Using the slot can help you develop a consistent habit of placing the fob in the same location, and you will be less inclined to let the fob slip into the crack between your seat and console or accidentally walk away with it while your vehicle is running. If you aren't sure where to find the slot, consult your vehicle owner's manual for assistance.

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